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Love Yourself

Do you love yourself? Honestly, no cheating! Do you love your personality, your body, the color of your skin, your eyes? Do you love yourself from head to toe, inside and out? You have to love yourself before you can love others. You have to be happy enough within to share the love.

A few years back I loved nothing about me. I was miserable. I would sit in front of the mirror and eat just because I didn’t like myself that much. I found myself always doing for others and neglecting myself.

It is okay to help others but you should always put your well being before others.

I am not going to lie I wanted to write for the longest time, but something kept happening where I kept putting it off. And I found myself in misery.

Once I began to love myself, I began to see my happiness, I began looking in the mirror and telling myself you are beautiful, you got this. Whatever life throws at you, your a survivor.

I remember looking at a photo and a friend of mine was there, and I said, “I’m so pretty.” She said to me that’s weird and I was like what. And she was like I never hear women tell themselves that.

Which is true we are always looking for the wrong in something, you can’t be successful if your bitter. It just won’t work.

Take some time out for yourself and discover who you are. Every morning when I am driving to work it’s my me time to meditate and talk to God.

You have to dig deep and discover the beauty within.

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL!!!

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October 2017 Newsletter

I am still overjoyed from everything that has happened. As you know in the month of September 2017 I published my debut novel Sparks Fly. I also had my book launch party which was a huge success. You can check out the party on YouTube/Jasmine Barton-Moore.  Also I did a video on how to prep for a book launch party if I have any indie authors out there. The month of September was a good month.

I am currently working on Hidden Secrets cover. The release date for that book will be July 8,2018. I also have a free book coming out this December 2017, make sure you are subscribed for that and stay tuned. I also want to eventually publish two books in a year and and as you know self publishing is expensive. Just come along with me for the ride.

For the month of October I will be coming out with my bi-monthly goal check list. If you would like to see what I have accomplished for the month of September and October be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. I am participating in Vlogtober where I upload Vlogs everyday so you get a chance to see behind the scenes of my life. I am also doing daily blogging if you haven’t noticed already. Make sure you are subscribed.

For the month of November I am participating in NaNoWriMo, and I have a video releasing tomorrow October 2,2017 with my seven tips on how I plan on staying organized. Also I am moving at the end of this month. We are a military family so me and my husband will be stationed in Norfolk Virginia. So if I fall off the face of the earth don’t go crazy I am still here .

For the month of December I have my free book coming out on self publishing cover coming soon. Also if Vlogtober is a huge success I will be participating in the one for December. I also did start my LLC company because being a writer is my dream job so just make sure you stay tuned!

Don’t forget Sparks Fly is now available on Amazon

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Ebook $2.99

Print $6.25

Signed Copy- $10

I have so much I want to do but I have to remember to take one day at a time. I am excited for what the future holds. And working on some other secret projects at the moment. Also if you would like to send in your request on topics for me to write for daily blogging that would be awesome. My goal is to motivate and help other indie authors out there, so I have something in the works for that too.

P.S.- I plan on using mail chimp newsletter in the future, but I like posting everything in one spot.

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL

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Tomorrow is not promised

Live your life to the fullest. I find myself always preaching on this subject.

Many times people have asked me, “why would you jump out of a airplane? Are you willing to die in the air? Something is wrong with you.”

If I lived my life in fear then I wouldn’t be where I am today. If I decided not to write my book then people wouldn’t be reading it. If I decided not to start my business then I wouldn’t learn from my mistakes and grow more and learn more. If I decided not to step out on faith. Would I believe in God?

What I have noticed is people will make all the excuses in the world.

People will say, “I want to be a writer” but I don’t have the time.

“I want to start a company” but I don’t have the funds.

“I want to be an inspiration to others” but I don’t know where to start.

If someone came up to you and said I will give you a million dollars to start your dream company! Would you take the money and do it?

YES! If you answered no then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. But if you answered yes then go for it. I am a firm believer of not just living to live. If I want to do something then I will do it. Life is an obstacle course, you are going to stumble, you are going to face roadblocks where you have try something else, but in the end at least you can say you tried.

This world is to big, so go out and make some noise.

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL!

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When one door closes…

Another will open! I am a firm believer in believing in yourself when know one else will. I got home late last night and decided to check my mail box because I hadn’t checked it in days.

Side Note- If you are new to my blog welcome don’t forget to follow, but for those of you who do not know I wrote and self published my book which is now available on Amazon. “Sparks Fly”

Any who I was already having a bad day from work so when I opened the mailbox and looked through all the junk mail, there was this tiny envelope. The first thing I thought was, I didn’t order anything someone stole my identity. Crazy right, I know. These are the things that run through my mind.

But the tiny envelope held a card from Brenda Jackson herself. When I published my book I sent it out to some of my favorite authors, just as a thank you for the inspiration. But she had hand written me back with so many encouraging words. And I pretty much had no words for what she had written. I couldn’t believe she took the time out of her day to write me back. Plus she invited me to join her book club on Facebook and encouraged me to promote it in the book club. How cool is that Also another author I follow received a copy of my book too. Yesterday was a pretty awesome day.

So why the title right. When I went on my journey to self publish I didn’t know what the outcome would be. I was skeptical at first because I was putting my book out into the world to be judged my others. But I knew in my heart this is what I wanted to do. I have reached out to so many people and some of the people who get back to me, the answer will be “no,” or we aren’t doing that yet. Just from her writing me back makes me want to do so much more and I will! I will conquer the world.

But I never let it stop me, this world is to big to just listen to a couple of NO’s and call it quits. You have to keep pushing through. Make your dreams come true. Just because a door has closed doesn’t mean another door won’t open. Maybe it wasn’t meant for you to walk through that door. Believe in everything you do!

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL!

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Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand is Doing…

Do you remember growing up and your mom always talking about her days, or how you need to listen to what she is saying because she knows best? And in the back of your head your like right mom, but you are listening. Well that was me.

Now that I am “adulating,” I find myself quoting my mother all the time. And I always start my sentence off with, “well my mom use to say….”

Now to explain the quote, if I didn’t learn anything else from my mom, (which I learned a lot) this had to be my favorite quote of wisdom before she left this earth. It means that the people closest to you and around you does not need to know your every move. Those same people who are cheering you on and smiling in your face could also be the same people plotting against you hoping that you fail. Now I am not saying that everyone is this way, I have some truly amazing friends. Everyone does not share your dream or passion. You could be looking to take on the world, while their trying to make it through the week.

Just know when people do not have you in their best interest. This  also goes toward your relationships too. The signs are there you just have to be willing to look. You always have that one Debbie downer friend/family that you are always trying to fix or help. They never have anything positive to say. Or they will start with a positive and say “BUT….” Make sure to keep the projects you are working on a secret until you are ready to share them with the world.

We all have to live and learn through the mistakes we make. Never let anyone stop you from believing in your dreams. When you put your dreams on hold because someone told you that the idea was stupid, you become angry at them, but most of all you become angry at yourself.

Which brings me to my next topic, I was sitting down and reading “How To Be A Bawse” by Lilly Singh. Which I am hoping to meet her one day, because this book is amazing. Even though I am only on page eleven she has dropped major Knowledge. And it got me thinking back to the talks I would have with my mom and like I said this has always stood out to me. I have lost friends along the way and I am okay with that because there is a such thing as outgrowing each other and moving on.

I have always been the type to motivate others. I will be your number one fan if that means getting you to do what you love. I believe in happiness.

And what makes us happy? -Things that we love doing.

Just remember if you are working on something and are skeptical about sharing it, keep it to yourself until you are ready to release it to the world. Even after you release it some people will love it it while others will hate it, but remember your Owning Your Life.

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL!

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Relationship Confusion???

You know the one thing I have always hated hearing? Relationship Goals. I never knew what it meant when someone would say #relationship goals. I am going to share with you why I dislike that term and other terms that deal with relationships.

A picture and a quote can only say so much about a person. Are you saying relationship goals because you are not in a relationship and you want to be in one? Or are you saying relationship goals because your unhappy in your relationship? Specify your #relationshipgoals

Another term I hate is hubby and bae. When someone says are you happy your hubby is home? Like whats a hubby? Where did this term even come from? When people say this to me its like rubbing two sand papers together in my ear.  And who came out with the word bae. Before the urban dictionary made “bae” girlfriend and boyfriend, the definition actually stands for poop. Do you want to be called poop?

Another term I can not understand is daddy? Like I have never been comfortable with this word. When you call your child or husband daddy. Thats like my husband calling me mama or mommy. Like why would he do that? Your daddy is someone who helped bring you in this world. Not your partner.

Relationship explanation- why is it that you have to describe to me the kind of relationship you are in? Don’t get me wrong I have had my fair shares of heartbreak, but what happens between you and your spouse should be between you and your spouse. Thats another thing using social media to put each other on blast. We are all guilty of it, trust me I have done it in the past to, but we have to get out of the habit. I am going to give you some advice my mother gave me.

Moms Advice- Single people can not be friends with someone who is married it just don’t work that way, because in the end someone is cheating. Also what happens in your relationship, stays in your relationship. Don’t go blabbing it to your girlfriends because that same girlfriend can be a snake in the grass trying to steel your man.

-Trust me mama always right!

Another thing, never let you husband put something else before your relationship and you shouldn’t either. In order to be in a functioning relationship you guys both have to be on the same page.

Also men out here in these streets being disrespectful, what happened to the old school way where you ask me out on a date and we get to know each other before we move on to second base. At least treat me to dinner.

Why are married couples bringing children into an unfunctioning relationship, there are ways to protect yourself. Trust me I know, I follow the calendar method just to prevent pregnancy because I know at the moment I am not ready for children, so when women or men say we didn’t expect to get pregnant. Well what did you learn in sex ed all those years back? How to get pregnant?

Okay guys I promise I am done!!

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL

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How many times…

I remember going to a girls night and having open conversation about any and everything. And if you have never been around a group of women, the main thing that they always talk about is men and sex.

As I sat back and listened to each women story their was one that shocked me the most. She said that she just had sex with her husband just to get it over with, not because she actually enjoyed it. That she would just lay there.

Of course that got me to thinking that this didn’t make any since. Was this a healthy marriage? Were they happy? How could you just lay there and feel nothing?

Also later on I learned she just stayed to stay. She didn’t think she could be anything without him and thats why she tolerated it. Of course no one never likes to hear the truth so she stopped talking to me, but any of you out there I am here to listen if you want honesty and truth, I am your friend.

Of course I needed a man’s perspective. Who better to ask then my husband right.

Question #1 How often should couples have sex in a month?

His Perspective- 5-6 times a month. He went on to say that he was guessing.

Me- 3-4 times a month. I guessed to.

Of course he asked me why I was asking so I explained it to him. He went on to tell me if a married couple is only having sex once a month either someone is cheating or lying about something.

Whether you are a women or man reading this you should never feel obligated to just lay there and have sex just because you think it is convenient for your marriage. If your marriage is that bad then you should probably leave it and move on. It is never worth being unhappy. You got this you can start over I have done it plenty of times before.

Question #2- What should couples do to keep the marriage spicy?

His Perspective- Have fun and play exciting games. Not the typical you rub my back.

Me- Treat me like a queen. Women do not like the same routine, men you have to change it up. The older we get as women I believe the more it takes.

How many times do you think married couples should have sex?

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL



Own your sexuality!

This is going to be a lot in one topic so brace yourself.

How come every time you tell someone your married the first thing they say is, “well why don’t you have kids? You might want to start having some”

And my response is always “oh we’re waiting, we’re to young.”

When in reality I really want to say, “well I need a sex partner to have sex.” They would most likely look at me crazy. My husband is in the military that’s why.

And why is it that no one is comfortable talking about sex. It’s normal get over it. Mentioning the word sex is like a bad word. Let’s say it together…


Which leads me to my next topic you have to be in a healthy marriage/relationship to have Sex. Express to your partner how you are feeling.

Anytime anyone has a problem with you talking about sex it’s probably because their old school or their not having any.

I believe in embracing your sexuality and yourself.

Growing up as a child my mom always taught us right from wrong. She would say, “I rather you learn it at home then some stranger off the street.”

So parents teach your children about sex so their no confused when you let them fly away from the ness.

But for real though when someone ask me why I don’t have kids I am going to say, “because I need a partner to have sex.” I will probably have subtitles for this subject-

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And remember stay BEAUTIFUL

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What does love really mean?

In today’s world love is taken for granted and so is marriage. People throw the word around like they throw away money. I was always taught never say something you don’t mean. I always find myself to be in the most awkward situations, especially when it came to love.

I remember the first time he said, “I love you.”

We were sitting in English class when he said I’m leaving early but I have something to say before I leave. He said you don’t have to say anything and don’t freak out.

By the way I’m freaking out because I am thinking, what could it be.

He gets up from his seat, whispers in my ear and, says I love you, kisses me on the cheek before he leaves. I am completely stunned, I am glad he said don’t say anything because I had nothing to say. We had only been dating for a month how would he know he loved me. So I asked him some months later.

I didn’t know I loved him until almost two years later. So when I finally said that he took it to a different level.

He told me he could see himself marrying me and having kids. And I’m thinking it took me two years to say I love you.

I finally worked up enough courage to ask him why he loved me after only a short period of dating.

He said I just knew I wanted to spend my life with you. And that hit me. A man confessing his love for me.

Love is so powerful that when you meet your soulmate you can’t think of breathing without them. How you could travel to the moon and back for them. How you will sacrifice everything just to make them happy. Now that is love. Love is getting in an argument but knowing at the end of the day you guys are still in love. Love is taking care of one and other when the other gets sick. Love is saying I love you when everything around you is falling apart. Love is the good, bad, and ugly.

By the way if your wondering we have been married for five years and together for nine years.

Never doubt the power of love!

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL


My Next Move…

What’s my next move????

As I look around and fill my head with many ideas I get to thinking that I can be doing more with my business!

I had the opportunity last night to go to a seminar by Daymond John’s managing team. If you don’t know who he is he is the guy from shark tank.They gave a lot of insight on the in’s and outs of running your own business! Of course in the end there was a catch but before I get to the catch let’s just talk about what I learned.

Utilizing social media as ads, networking with other people. Putting myself out there, knowing it’s okay to fail. The one thing I loved the most that he said was some people hand out business cards and think they promoted their product, but in reality you handed out a card that someone will probably throw away. And that stood out to me because I am always handing out my card but how many people are using it.

I don’t have a fancy business degree, I’m learning as I go along and on my own but I know where I want to go and where I want to be at.

So my next step is to create a business plan for the next year. I am going to have a wish list section and a section on how long will it take me to get there? What do I have to do to get there? I am ready for this next chapter in my life! Are you ready?

Back to last night, it would cost me $1900 to meet with Daymond John’s team for three days while they show me the ends and outs of business. I was tempted but not that tempted. Thats a lot of money to fork up. Maybe I will regret it later, who knows but at this moment I’m pushing myself like I have never pushed myself. I’m going to dig deep and go on a treasure hunt for the key that I need to unlock my door!

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And remember stay BEAUTIFUL!!!