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Flight Experience

Have you ever had a bad flight experience? Well I just did on 08/18/17. When I thought that everything would run smoothly and I would finally see my husband after seven months, it wasn’t everything turned out to be a disaster. Bad things just kept happening.

As soon as I clocked out of work that day things began to fall apart. I tried using my uber just to get to the airport that day. Uber did not want to work. And its not like they have a phone. I tried calling my brother to see if he would answer his phone so that he could request an uber from his phone. Of course he didn’t answer, why would he, he’s a teenager. I ended up calling my best friend to do it for me. Forty five minutes later I was finally able to request an uber. Of course the uber kept changing the time on when it would arrive so I cancelled that uber and requested for a new one.

An hour and a half later I am finally on my way to the airport, but then I receive a text message from the airlines updating me that my flight has been delayed. After I get past security I go to check on the status of my flight. By the way the reason I was so concerned about my flight being delayed was because I needed to catch my connecting flight. The guy at the front was really helpful he was telling me that there was still a possible chance I would be able to catch my connecting flight. This gave me a little hope.

Until they delayed the flight again. So at this point I needed to make other arrangements because I was going to miss my connecting flight and I needed to get to Texas. I was flying from San Diego to Los Angelos. From LA to Texas. They ended up getting me on a flight where I would land in Texas at five AM instead of my original date and time, and I just had to deal with it. I was like okay cool.

While I am still in San Diego a new employee arrives and he is trying to be helpful but doesn’t really know what he is doing. I am thinking maybe he is new, who knows. While this new guy is helping me out, and trying to get me on a new flight he is over here talking to his buddies about which club they were going to hit up tonight. And I am like okay I know I look young but seriously. I still kept my cool though. The part that irritated me was that the whole time they were searching for a new flight for me they were doing it under someone else’s name. They were so busy talking they were about to ruin another persons flight, but I still kept my cool.

I get to LA, where I have to exit the airport to take a shuttle, to get to a different terminal. So I get off of the shuttle only to now face the broken escalator. I had to pick up my bags and carry them up. At this point I am laughing because I am like nothing else can go wrong it just can’t! People probably thought I was legit crazy.

I get inside the airport again, the people were rude in LA, and I had to go through security again so any liquids I had, had to be tossed. Of course I downed my water. Airport water is like three dollars. I finally make it to my designated area, well at least thats where I thought I was suppose to be, anyway I go and sit down.

Since I have already missed my connecting flight I had to sit in the airport for four hours.  After I was directed to the right spot by the employees of LA’s airport, an hour and a half goes by before I asked someone else if I was in the right location. I asked because there were ten people on my flight who also missed their connecting flight and I didn’t see anyone.  They told me I wasn’t. So I was giving the wrong information again. At this point I was over the flight and ready to just cancel my whole trip. I was too sleepy and cold to keep going through this obstacle course.

But I didn’t give up. I made it to my right destination. Then I heard them say will Jasmine Barton-Moore come to the front. In my mind I am thinking what now. I get up there and they say Delta airlines never tranfered your ticket over so you might not be able to get on this flight. I was like please tell me your kidding. She was like no I will call them right now for you. By the way I was leaving Delta Airlines to fly United Airlines.

They get delta airlines on the line and they finally transferred the ticket over. My long four hours were coming to an end when they said, sorry folks we have to delay the flight for fifteen minutes. I was like here we go again. This had to be a sign from God because so many obsticales had been put in my way I was all types of confused. Just when I thought about canceling they said we can board the flight. I get on the flight and they say we have to wait even longer because there loading cargo. I was like I don’t care its about to be a whole day since I slept. I closed my eyes.

At this point we are up in the air and I wake up to a baby crying. And I am like what is wrong with this child. I am still half a sleep so I am not fully awake yet. When I do wake up my ears are popping. Not the normal popping you get but a painful popping. Then all of a sudden my glasses began to fog and the plane gets extremely cold. Like one of those walk in freezers. So I take my glasses off and the plane is misty. This is the best way for me to explain it. All I heard was the flight attendent saying don’t panic and keep calm.

I instantly began praying. I am happy to say I made it safely to Texas. All they told us was that the airplane was having some compression issues, and thats why the plane acted that way.

The moral of my story is, through it all I kept my faith and piece. I didnt go yelling at anyone I always remained calm and patience. The first thing that came to mind when I did want to go crazy was I represent God, but also I represent myself and my business. Now a days everyone has phones so in that split second everything you have built and worked on can come crumbling down. This was just the highlight of my flight. There was more but like I said just wanted to share with you guys, Always be kind and patience you represent yourself in everything you do.

Remember stay BEAUTIFUL!


Am I Fat???

I remember going into the ladies room and standing in front of the mirror looking at myself. You know the normal stuff women do. Checking my hair, making sure my lipstick hadn’t smeared after drinking that bottled water. Making sure my makeup was still on point. There was this little girl sitting in the chair behind me watching me. She was about five years old. She looked up and said, “am I fat?”

I was confused by the question at first. I instantly got angry because why would a child be asking me this question. Usually when children so little ask such a question like that they have heard it from an adult. I turned around and said, “no your not fat why would you say something like that?” She then went on to tell me that her grandmother always calls her fat. I asked her, what does your mother say about it. She said she says  nothing, she lets my grandmother call me fat.

This took me back to my child hood when I was always called the fat, short girl. It reminded me of the conversation I had with my mom when she sat me down and told me that I was beautiful. I sat down in the opposite chair and I asked this little girl, “Do you think you are fat?” She was hesitant for a little bit. She then said, “no.” I told her that she was beautiful and no matter what anyone else said, if she loved the way she looked then it shouldn’t matter what other people thought about her.

This is what is wrong with society now. As children we are not asked to be brought into this world, but since we are here why is it that the people who are suppose to be our family puts us down the most? I don’t know if I got through to that little girl. I hope I did. But by her grandmother always calling her fat, and her mother not sticking up for her. There could be all types of ideas running through her head.

Just remember if you need to put a child down to make yourself feel better, then thats pathetic. We live in a time where things are changing and you should know what to say to someone. There is always a time and a place for everything. If you have a child give them extra love after you have read this post. Because you might have said something as a joke, but that child didn’t find it funny.



Sparks Fly

I am so excited to finally present the project I have spent months on. I have created 13 video’s title “who am I” You get to find out about my child hood and also my adult hood.

Now I know I am going to get one person to say you spelt Flys wrong! Yes I know I spelt it wrong but I did it for a reason. “I am the Spark that Flys” was created around my book Sparks Fly. But I didn’t just want to stop there I wanted to go further. Meaning here I am a city girl from San Diego, Ca who grew up poor. I wasn’t pushed to go to college in high school. My mom had a drug addiction, but at times did her best.


Vegan Life Style

This page will not be up here for to long but I get so many questions on my transition to vegan. I have recorded edited and updated a video all in one day. If you would like to watch the video just go to youtube and type in Jasmine Barton-Moore.



Jasmine Barton-Moore

English 1302.002

Ms. Stafford

18 April, 2015

Research Paper

Why is Organic Food So Cheap: Eating Healthy

Our food industry has been on the wrong track for many years. The government has given us false information about our food. Government has allowed for the United States eating habits to get out of control and still shame people for being obese even though they promote eating habits through the television. When wanting to eat healthier it becomes a job and knowing all the facts about what is in our food. The food America are given today has many different hormones and are also fed genetically modified organisms. For example if you think about this for just one moment, when animals get sick the government does not just throw the meat away they clean the insides and put it on the market to sale. Us the consumers go and buy it like nothing is wrong. The government tries to discredit many scientist and the facts they have come across because they don’t want us the consumers to know the truth. Things that go on in the human body in your younger days most people wouldn’t think twice about it because you feel perfectly fine but just like a brand new car wont stay brand new for fifty years. Our body also has wear and tear. For example growing up with a single parent, my mom never stopped to think ” what am I feeding my children, could this hurt them in the long run?” especially when everything was so cheap, when going grocery shopping people could get noodles ten for one dollar. I am twenty-three years old  decided to go the opposite route and go healthy and organic. I would always have these allergic breakouts on my chest and my back. It would get to the point where I didn’t even want to wear tank-tops in the summer time. Plus my skin would burn so bad to the point where I would have to wash my skin with ice cold water. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening and I never thought it could because of the food I was eating. These were the same foods we had grown up on eating. When going to the doctor numerous times and they just told me it was a skin disease. But in 2014 Texas had a state veggie fair and that’s when I was introduced to a new world and my life changed for the better good. My goal is to introduce a better and safe way of living. U.S.D.A is allowing hazards into our food and nothing is being done. Government should make everything organic and natural. If we start by changing our food to organic then we can limit obesity, or help fight other illness.

Since the beginning of time food has always been America’s main concern. Many farmers would have issues with animals eating the crop they had grown. So what had happened was government came up with the idea to start spraying our food with pesticides, because even though farmers had land and owned their land doesn’t mean it was actually their land. In the early 1950s that’s when scientist began to play with DNA. So over time as they kept spraying our food with pesticides the little critters and animals got use to it and continued to eat. People like me started to ask questions and we were concerned because if the bugs are still eating the food then why does our food still have to be sprayed with pesticides. Of course there was no answer to that. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, meaning that farmers takes the food and adds some type of chemicals to it to keep it on the shelves for so long. Or the same reason why the vegetables and fruits always look a perfect color.

In the Unites States we are one of the few countries left that the government allows GMOs in our food. There are thirty countries that have banned the food we have on shelves in stores today. Social media plays a big part in our food today. The reason for that is because before you couldn’t ask people if they knew exactly what was in their food. But since everyone is waking up and starting to be aware people are becoming concerned and are taking a stand. For example, other countries only put three ingredients in their fries where in the United States we have fourteen in our McDonalds fries. For example McDonalds has shut down their first chain of food in history, and will be shutting down even more. People are starting to wake up, and we are wanting to know more information with our food. When it comes to the actual meat, like animals they are also treated badly because they are forced into cramp spaces, forced to eat horrible food and that’s if they get food, animals are forced to poop where they sleep. Now in reality people in America does not have to give up meat there is organic meat too. For example, Caplan describes the horrific torcher some of these animals have to go through. He says the animals “have weak bones, the cows have mastitis, and the beef cattle has liver issues.” With this going on the government has done nothing to protect the people or the animals in that matter. But its broken down in a way where if the world just sits back and takes a moment to think about these sick animals that are cut up and put on the market for sale that just makes us the people sick. When its broken down into food logic when it comes to food poising I think that by the animals being sick has something to do with it. Caplan also makes such a big deal about GMOs because if animals have an early expiration date then us as humans do to, and that has nothing to do with death. Now the government could come back and say that the reason they started to alter our food is so that we wouldn’t go into a food crisis, but those times are over and government took it way over board.

According to Barbara Mantel and her article she wrote on preventing obesity she says, “The number of obese Americans has increased dramatically over the last 40 years, and in 2001 the nations surgeon general went so far as to call obesity an epidemic.” This is just another example of how GMOs have such an affect on the human body. That obesity in America is out of control because of the food that is served in this country. Not only is GMO affecting our health but also the body. For example Mantel goes on to say “One-third of children and two-third of adults are overweight or obese.” This all has to do with the food that is on the market today. There has been test studies on rats to see how long they survive eating some of the food that we eat. Of course government has tried to discredit them but if animals can not survive and have and expiration date then as humans we have and expiration date especially when it comes to food in America. Food is everywhere in America. There are so many commercials, different adds with food, but government has done nothing about it. In America food is pushed on us but when and if someone becomes obese it is their fault. There is no middle ground. People die from obesity but first it starts off with having diabetes and multiple trips back and forth to the doctor. For example Mantel also says in her article, “obesity and overweight have been clearly linked to increased risk of kidney cancer, endometrial cancer and postmenopausal breast cancer.” This is what the food America serves to their people and does to the body. But America has not stepped in for the greater good to say well lets make a change. Most Americans can argue that they are over weight because in America people are constantly on the go. The meaning of that is here in America most middle class work two to three jobs or just spend most of their time out of the house. By the government making fast foods and GMOs available to the public instead of healthier choices, people keeps the fast food GMOs  in business.

We could watch plenty of videos or read articles on food. Even the top three foods that America is being warned about are corn, soy and just anything genetically modified. In America soy is everything that we consume. When it really does not need to be. America got the idea to put soy in food from Asia but in Asia they did not genetically modify there food like America does. Government has taken it as far as to put soy in baby formula. According to Charles Essex he says “soy based formula should not be given routinely to infants because they are at risk of developing allergy or atopy.” Giving a baby soy is like giving them six birth control pills to take and that could be the reason why most children are always sick. There are some healthy choices of soy people just have to know which one to get. When it comes to genetically modified corn that does something to rats that has never been seen until now. For example their was a six month test study on rats alone and they were fed only corn many of them had four to six tumors. The reason why you don’t see this in the human body so early is because we are bigger than rats. Most Americans start to have problems in their late 40s early 50s but do not think about this kind of stuff in their 20s. According to Jason McLures article he says that there are “170 million acres of GM crops in the united states.” Every where we look and turn America is surrounded by GMOs.

When it comes to fast foods they were always in competition with each other. McDonalds has always remained at the top, but now people are starting to become aware with fast foods and the actual ingredients in the food. But in todays society people are trading in their greasy burgers for healthier options. For example for the first time in history McDonalds has shut down one of their business and plans to continue to shut down more. More fast foods are trying to switch their ingredients over to organic or non-GMOs. For example Chipotle has just announced that they have switched all ingredients over to non-GMOs. Now we could say that Americans can only afford fast food because you can get a dollar double cheese burger at McDonalds and spend twenty dollars for twenty burgers plus tax of course. For example in Charles Clark article he says, “The share of the family food budget spent on eating out has shot up from 25 percent in the late 1960s to 40 percent now.” This is very true because the cost of living in America is so expensive so most people do not have time to stop their busy days and cook a meal. All they really have time for is fast food.

When the first lady took office she wanted to make America better by changing the eating habits in school. In order to do that she started switching out food in public schools. Her main concern was to target obesity. America can not target obesity without going after the fast food companies because here in America food is considered a food connection. For example you have different commercials through television and social media but then at the same time people are being looked down upon because they are obese. When food desserts came about yes that is a good gestor for the first lady but at the same time she can not just change the public schools. It has to be world wide. If she promotes healthy eating on the television and says that fast food is bad for the body then people can start to accept that maybe the world can change and head into a better direction.

Monsanto is the biggest corporation there is out there. So many people have tried to get the company to label their product stating that it does have GMOs in it. Ballets have been brought forth for people to sign but nothing has been done about it. For example in an article written by McLure he says, ” GM farmers and seed producers, such as Monsanto, say that GM crops are more productive, pest-resistant and environmentally friendly than conventional crops and that the fast-growing organic industry and misguided consumer groups are to blame for confusion.” When stuff like this happens in the media then organic food is put on the back burner because the company Monsanto has been around for so long. The reason why the company Monsanto has survived for so long because people had no clue about the ingredients in the food. Food that is genetically modified can last up to five years on shelves where on the other hand organic food last only a year.

When shopping for organic food it can become a little overwhelming and cost money. Usually the best idea is to try one thing organic. For example say you run out of mustard why not switch out the genetically modified mustard for the organic mustard. When you shop organic you have to know what you are looking for. According to Melissa Smith, “The NON-GMO Project Verified label is the fastest growing label claim in the natural food industry, and sales of organic food products in the United States continue to grow each year.” All it takes is a little hard work and America could be on the right track for success. Most low and middle class people can afford to eat healthy because they either get money  from the government to support them or are working multiple jobs. Or in reality Americans like junk food and do not want to change their eating habits and prefer the GMO food.

Organic food is better for the body because it makes the body feel more energized and awake and the body can actually know all the ingredients inside of the body. When America starts to change its eating habits and makes the world a better organically better place then we as a world can avoid pesticides in the GMO food. Us as people have to make a change and decide to change our life around and protest and demand that we want better food to be offered to us. When trying to eat healthy there are some labels you do want to avoid. According to Smith some of the labels you want to avoid are “corn, soybeans, and zucchini and yellow squash.” These are some of the top foods that have the most pesticides inside of the food. Sometimes you may not know what to look for because most of the time labels are hidden. For example in big words that we don’t even know the definition too.

When you think of organics you think of how much money it will cost you. But eating healthy and clean does not always mean you have to spend all of your money on food. For example on different types of food does not always have to say organic because for something to be considered organic only ninety-seven percent has to be organic. People in America could try looking for something like that. Even sometimes some vegetables or products will say local and that is better than genetically modified food. What I mean by local is that the farmers who have local food could not afford to write organic but all the products used is natural of some sort so America could start off by buying food like that. There are many ways that America could change our eating habits they just choose not too.

I am not here to change anyone’s mind about the way they eat or the food they consume. I use to eat that way because that is the way I grew up. I was raised on those type of foods. For example the reason why I decide to change my life around is because my mom passed away and she was only forty-nine. In reality was it really the food, other women in my family has passed away before the age of fifty. So if I make a difference and tell someone along the way my story, then that is okay with me. Everyone can not afford to eat healthy and many Americans spend their time on the go. We as Americans have no time to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. There are many groups of people who just wants to raise awareness in America. Sometime people want to change their eating habits but they just do not have the money to afford it. In life everything is about raising awareness, even if we can not make a difference over night it is all about baby steps.
















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Women:Do we play on our emotions???

You know how society says women are controlled by their hormones and thats why we can not be put in certain positions, Power Wise! This past weekend my aunt flow came to town and I was wondering if this might be true.

About a week leading up to my period, I felt my emotions kicking in full throttle. I didn’t want to do anything, just relax. Now for me my husband is pretty much always gone. I mostly find myself thinking about him at night time when I come home to an empty house, but other than that him being gone doesn’t put a halt to my life.

I decided to put it to the test and keep track of my emotions while I was on my period. Two days before I started my period I got to thinking about everything that I am trying to succeed at. Am I ready to self publishing my book? Asking myself what am I doing? Will I really succeed at the one thing I truly want the most in life? What if I just cancel my book launch party? Maybe I should put a halt to this book? I didn’t want to edit my second book I just wanted to chill and watch netflix and eat the worst food possible.

So the day finally came I got my period and I was like yes now all these extra hormones can go goodbye. Wrong.. In the past when I have started my period I was ready to jump back into the groove and get things moving.

This time around I was dragging my feet. I was beginning to doubt everything I have worked for. As women we take on the world and forget sometimes we have to please ourselves too. Meaning I had become so busy I hadn’t even gone to the nail shop. If you know me personally my nails are always done. When I sat down to look at my planner I noticed it was go here and go there. Write this and upload that. Now if you read my time management and handling stress like a boss. I see myself as a good time manger. So I thought to myself, why am I trying to be superwomen?

I had to sit back and re-evaluate my life and say no Jasmine you are not a superwomen you can also get burnt out to. It made me think to my child hood when I would see my mom putting in so many hours in the day, but not once did she look tired. But who knew what happened when I went to sleep at night. I realized as an adult she had her brave face on for us. She made everything look so simple and easy. She was a supermom.

Honestly I think that is the difference between women and men. We pour our hearts and souls into a project or projects, or our children, and our career. Everything has to always seem perfect while most men sit back relax. That is how society plays a part in our emotions because even though time is moving the expectations of women are still high. Even though in todays time women are dominating the work place, in the back of our minds we are still programed to act a certain way. At least for me that is. I speak from experience though. Between my husband and I he always tells me that I stress to much. And I am like how are you not stressed we have a lot to do. He is just like it will get done when it does. I love him dearly but, in the back of my mind I am always thinking of the next thing that has to be done. I always tell myself that I can rest later. Thats why on weekends I take naps. At the end of the day I do feel that my period had a role in my emotions. And I realized that, that is fine with me. Every month like I said I am doing this and doing that. So those five days that my period does come I get to actually relax. I may be sad, but my mind, body and soul gets to relax.

Well these are my observations from me! But remember STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!


Marriage:he is not the one

When you first meet your loved one you are in love. you have googly eyes for them. All you want to do is be around them and no one else. So what happens when the fire burns out? Where are you left?

After the first few years of my marriage or relationship I should say I was ready to throw in the towel. Relationships and marriage are two different ball games. When you get married everything changes.

I have met women who are willing to sacrifice their happiness just to stay with a man/husband just because they are afraid of being alone. They have even gone as far as getting pregnant. Ladies I am here to say that will not work.

I feel like people in this new generation takes marriage for granted. They don’t value relationship. Even though I was ready to throw in the towel I knew I wasn’t ready to give up on my marriage. Things were changing, he was straight out of bootcamp and we just had to learn how to make it work. Plus I had to look at it from a spiritual world.

The bible talks about marriage. And one of the things that stood out to me, the only time you can file for a divorce is if he has committed adultly or you have been abandoned. Now adultery is a touchy subject. If it has happened and you guys are both willing to work it out then I say you should.

Now if he is telling you he wants to leave and puts you down. Never encourages you as a husband then you shouldn’t be with him. Especially if you know he is talking to other women. I have lost friends because they were to blinded to see it or they just didn’t care. Once you become my friend I care for your personal being. And we have to stop giving up so easily when it comes to marriage. You married each other for a reason right?

I was sitting in church and the pastor said, “you will truly know when you are ready to marry when you ask yourself, If this person never changed would I love them the same tomorrow? If you answered no or had to think about it then your not ready to get married. If you answered yes, then get married and Fight for your marriage and your love at all times.



Military Spouse:long distance

Okay ladies if you read my post on Military Spouse:A Wifes Perspective! then you will enjoy this.

Whether you are married, dating or in a relationship I am going to help you with dealing with long distance relationships.

As women we naturally think we can not do long distance because we either surround ourselves with negative comments to the point where we start thinking them too. Or it could just be the case that you were in a long distance relationship and it ended badly. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it another try. Like I always say the sky is the limit. I have mentioned before that me and my husband have not lived together for almost four years. I know crazy right. But through everything we have been through I feel that it was a real test of our faith. Long distance can either make or break a relationship.

Depending on where he was stationed for deployment our contact was limited. So when we did finally get to talk, we talked on the phone for hours. It is all about balance. When he was stationed overseas I did a couple of care packages for him that were filled with goodies that I knew he loved. I also did a boudoir package.


If you have been hurt before by a long distance relationship I want you to sit down and analyze what went wrong. Usually as women when we have been cut so deep we won’t try it again. But what happens if a guy you really like goes on deployment and he is willing to make it work? I say you need to keep your faith in God and talk it out with the guy you plan on having a long distance relationship with.

Lets say your loved one is just in another state. What can you do? You can still put a care package together. You can talk out a schedule that works best for you guys when it comes to communication. You can plan a trip to go see him!

I did want to add a side note. When it’s around that time of the month I do find myself being down. I can plan out my day, week, month, year, ect but at the end of the day when I put my key in the front door I still come home to loneliness. I only get into my feelings around that time of the month. I don’t want to do anything or hang out with anyone. It’s like I go through the months always smiling and happy but when it comes time for me to share exciting news with someone or just talk about how bad my day at work was. I can not do that. I find it funny sometimes listening to other people complain about their relationship when I’m like hello, really. But I do try and be considerate of people’s feelings. But like I said I only feel this way a few days out of the month and it’s probably because I try to ignore it, so it just all unleashes at once. So how do I deal with this at the time? I usually will surround myself with positive people or just take a break from life and just relax. Now what do you mean take a break? I keep a schedule for a reason. I try to stay ahead by having three weeks of blogs, vlogs, Instagram post, and Facebook post ready. So when I do start to get down it’s one less thing I have to stress about! Because sometimes I won’t want to do anything for a whole week. Which sounds long but I deserve it!

I hope this blog has helped someone out there and remember,


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Bonus Post:Managing Time & Stress Like a BOSS

I had the opportunity to go Facebook live on Tuesday July 18,2017. Our topic was Stress & Time Management. We talked from a spiritual and natural point of view. If you would like to check out the live video just go find my page on Facebook! Jasmine Barton-Moore

Are you utilizing your time?
How do you learn how to work under stress?
*I am going to share with you guys what I do and what works for me


I suggest making daily, weekly, monthly even bimonthly goals. This helps you organize your thoughts and your life. Before I started setting goals I went through the day without having anything planned. Meaning wake up, go to work, go home and binge watch a tv show. I told myself this was not the life I wanted for myself. Now that I am about to be a published author, working on book number two and other writing projects I feel that it is time to share. Now you ask me, how is it that I do not get stressed out?

Writing for me is very therapeutic. I put in twelve hours at my 9-5. Then after work I go to starbucks and work on my different writing projects. When it boils down to stress this is where my passion planner comes in handy. Usually on a Sunday I will sit down and plan out my week. Everything in my planner is color coded by a highlighter. This is the number one thing that helps me keep balance because when I look at the week I want to make sure that no matter what, I maintain balance.

For Example: I have five categories

1.Work -yellow

2.Gym -pink

3.Writing -blue

4.Me Time -green

5.Church -orange

6.Business -purple


I actually use to see a theripist before I started going to church. Even after joining I was still seeing my theripist. We came up with different coping skills because I would have an emotional breakdown, before work, during work, and even after work sometimes. But I remember one day hearing the pastor preach on this. How we are so quick to spend our money and talk to a stranger when we can talk to God for free. Sometimes we let our fear get in the way. That is what I did. I began doing my morning prayer before I even got out the bed. On the way to work sometimes I would still be praying just thanking him for being there and never giving up on me. Thanking him for encouraging me and being my strength.

Why do people procrastinate?

I know for me I use to procrastinate because I use to think to myself one, I didn’t want to put in the work but two, who would listen, read, or follow me. But then I realized I had a gift to write so I put pen to paper and here we are now. Down below are some other examples.

  • The work involved is not exciting or enjoyable.
  • No one is sure what the goals and targets are.
  • The task is large and forbidding, with too much to do.
  • There’s already a backlog of other work, with this extra burden being impossible to schedule.
  • Focusing on less important projects because of fear of failure at the important ones.
  • Being addicted to the thrill of a last minute rush leads to putting it off.
  • Perfectionism is the enemy of getting started until everything is just right

If you are a beginner at dealing with stress and time try and start with a daily list before you start expanding and moving on to the monthly to do list.

Try something New today and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!


What It’s Like Being A Military Spouse:

From A Wife’s Perspective:

Dealing with Deployment- I remember the first time my husband left for a deployment, I said to myself you got this. He left for boot camp and school for a total of six to eight months. But after the weeks went on I became lonely and I felt like I was falling into depression. You go from seeing a person everyday to not seeing them at all so it is really tough.


Dealing with husband being stationed overseas- Your probably thinking “well why didn’t you go with him?” To answer your thought it was because I wanted to finish school. My brother who is in high school was coming to live with me. My thoughts were when I looked around and saw other military wives, the majority of them weren’t able to do half the things they wanted to do because they picked up and followed their husband and had children. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that this is a bad thing I am just saying since I was a little girl I knew what I wanted out of life and that was to further my education and make a difference in the world.


What happens when he comes home- Me and my husband has not lived under the same house hold for about four years. But he does come home and visit. In the beginning it is all good and dandy, but then I become frustrated because I have a routine and now its all over the place. I just learned to be patient and go from there.



My Perspective

Interview Questions- These are questions people have asked me recently and in the past so I thought I would share my answers.

1.) What is it like being away from my husband?

-Like I stated above it was very depressing especially around the holidays and birthdays. Everyone around me was celebrating with their loved ones while I was at home eating junk food and probably watching a movie trying to stay off of social media.

2.) What are your worries as a wife?

-So you already know what this question means. Aren’t you afraid that he is cheating on you. My response was I don’t have time to worry about little things like that I know what I bring to the table as a women. If he decides that he no longer desires me, then I can’t change that or focus on that. I try not to worry myself with small things when I know my husband loves me. We have a good relationship.

3.) Do you plan to have children?

-Eventually yes we do, but I am a firm believer on working on on us first, before bringing a child in this world.

4.) What are your daily struggles?

-I would say communication. We do not get to talk daily because of both of our schedules. Its more texting and sometimes that gets tiring. You can only get so much of your point across through a message.

5.) Do you have power of attorney?

-Yes I do. I feel this is really important because when they are deployed or in another state you can not just call them up to pay a bill. If you don’t know what this is I suggest you look it up.

6.) What are you most afraid of when he comes home?

-I can not say that I am afraid, I do know that it will take work for us to mesh our lives together before we are on one page again. Like I said we have lived apart for a while.

If there are anymore questions please leave them down below and remember to STAY BEAUTIFUL!


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Depression:how to cope

We have talked about Overcoming Self Doubt and How to be CONFIDENT. Now it is time to talk about depression.

*Depression is a mental health disorder characterized in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.

Depression is such a deep word, you don’t necessarily have to be depressed, you can be sad, angry, etc…

As you read before my mom was my backbone so when she passed I was so angry at everyone. I didn’t want to let people into my life for the sake of me being hurt, or them leaving.

Anger later turns into sadness. This is where you are always moping around the house. There were times I just wanted to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing. Sadness eventually turned to depression.

It was like I was on a never ending roller coaster. Eventually I said I need to talk to a therapist and this is way before I got into church. I would see her once a week to talk about my issues. She gave me three ideas to cope with. She said out of the five senses pick your top three (sight, smell, taste, hear, touch,) I chose smell, hear, and touch.

1. Smell- I love the smell of lavender. I keep lavender lotion at work and at home.

2. Hear- Classical music calms me down, it helps me to breath and bring my nerves back together.

3. Touch- I love clicking pens and just messing with them.

These three things helped but I remember listening to my pastor one Sunday and he said, (summarizing) we like to go lay on someone’s catch and tell them all of our business when we can talk to God. This stuck to me because in a way I didn’t like some of the things she said.

Don’t get me wrong she helped me tremendously, but some of the stuff I didn’t agree with.

Now the ultimate question how do you cope?

-I found myself in the predicament I was in because I never did anything for myself. I did everything for others. When I did want to go out I couldn’t because I had obligations to clean up other people messes. Sometimes when those people were mad at me then I would be sad all over again and go over different scenarios in my head, in which it could have went better. Even though I have written in journal after journal, I knew I just had to start saying no and do stuff for myself. Even if they did not want to talk to me ever again. You will know who really has your back like you had there’s when you want to start doing things on you own.

That is my tip to you guys find out what is making you sad, angry, or depressed and eliminate those toxins from your life.

Stay Beautiful and remember YOUR ARE BEAUTIFUL